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Stone Ridge Direct designs and manufactures complete DIY outdoor kitchen kits, fireplace kits and more

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Outdoor Kitchen Features

What sets us apart from the rest?

The Stone Ridge Direct team has over 35 years of experience in the masonry industry and we've put that wealth of knowledge to work for you in designing these exciting new Outdoor Kitchen Kits!  We use a standardized, technologically advanced, and inexpensive process that makes our kitchens truly unique in the industry.

Base Material


Our kitchen kit bases utilize a unique autoclaved aerated concrete material that we precision-cut into custom panels.  These base panels set us apart and provide several key benefits:

  • Extremely strong base - no need to worry about the weather or durability!  These panels will stand up.

  • Lightweight - lighter than traditional concrete block models.  Easier to work with and allows for installation on a deck!

  • Non Corrosive & Non Conductive - unlike other metal framed options on the market.  Very important factors to consider for longevity of the kitchen and safety around your cooking station.



These kitchen kits were designed with the DIY'er in mind!  We provide all the materials you will need to finish the job.

  • Easy "glue and screw" panels - assembly of the base is quick, easy, and sturdy!  Grab your drill and you're ready to go.

  • Fast base installation - our precision cut base panels go together much quicker and easier than concrete blocks.  

  •  Easy stone application - once the base is assembled you can apply the stone and drop in appliances.  You'll be cooking in no time.

Finished Materials


We strive to design an outdoor kitchen that you will be proud of.  By carefully selecting the best materials and appliances, our kits will add both style and value to your home.

  • 4 stone color options -  to match your home or backyard style

  • Durable materials - the cultured stone surround and countertop provide a maintenance free, appealing design

  • High end appliances - Stainless Steel appliances are durable and provide the luxury look to upgrade your backyard

Bringing people together - outdoors

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